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The Persian Cultural Center of Atlanta (PCC) was established in 1989 for Iranian-American residents in Metro-Atlanta Area.

About PCC

The Persian Community Center of Atlanta (hereto after referred to as Kanoon), which was established in 1989, is a cultural-social nonprofit organization not affiliated with any party, front, or a particular group.

PCC's Membership

Join Persian Cultural Center and enjoy all the programs and benefits including major discounts from many service providers. Memberships can be paid to PCC through credit cards or automatic monthly payments.

PCC's Rental

No matter what your request is, we can definitely help you out, we have offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, event halls and even auditorium for rent. Interested? Click to learn more about our availabilities!

Get Involved

Get involved in the Persian Culture Center and help us build a strong and engaged community in Atlanta Georgia. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other institutions to provide even more Iranian digitised resources.

Ms. Saniee’s Online Lecture

زنان و نویسندگی جمعه 3 جولای 2020  ساعت 7:30 شب خانم  پرینوش  صنیعی خانم پرینوش صنیعی فارغ اتحصیل  روانشناسی و روانشناسی تربیتی …

Dr. Ansari Kanoon

Online Lecture By Dr. Ansari

Recognize the Iranian second generation as they are! Second Generation Iranians in America Dr. Maboud Ansari Online Lecture in Persian Zoom meeting link: Click Here …

Shabnam Mousavi

Online Lecture by Dr. Mousavi

کانون فرهنگی ایرانیان آتلانتا به آگاهی می رساند سخنرانی آنلاین در سایت زیر Zoom Link چشم انداز اقتصاد جهان در دوران پسا کرونا جمعه 19 …

Kanoon Memberships

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Here at Persian Cultural Center of Atlanta we have created a multi-language website so that no matter what language you are comfortable with, you can always take advantage of our website.

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