Dr. N. Farokhi



Dr. N. Farokhi is a highly accomplished and respected professional who currently serves on the board of the Persian Cultural Center of Atlanta (PCC). Dr. Farokhi brings a wealth of experience to the board, having worked in various fields including engineering, technology, and business management.

As a member of the PCC board, Dr. Farokhi plays a vital role in supporting the organization’s mission of promoting and preserving Persian culture in Atlanta. He is involved in strategic planning, fundraising efforts, and community outreach activities that help to raise awareness of Persian culture and promote intercultural understanding.

Dr. Farokhi’s dedication to promoting Persian culture is evident in his involvement in various cultural events and community initiatives. He has been instrumental in organizing several successful events, including Persian New Year (Nowruz) celebrations, art exhibitions, and music concerts, which have helped to showcase the richness and diversity of Persian culture.

Dr. Farokhi’s professional accomplishments are equally impressive. He has held leadership positions in several companies and organizations, including serving as the President of the Iranian American Community Center in Atlanta. He has also made significant contributions to the field of engineering, with numerous publications and patents to his name.

Overall, Dr. N. Farokhi is an accomplished professional and dedicated community member who has made significant contributions to the Persian community in Atlanta. His leadership and expertise in engineering, technology, and business management, combined with his passion for promoting Persian culture, make him an invaluable asset to the PCC board and to the community as a whole.

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