Farsi Class For Member (3 yrs-adults)


3-5 yrs
Students learn to speak Farsi Through interaction and art. Students learn to recognize and write some Farsi alphabets through picture demonstration

6-8 yrs
Students learn all of the Farsi alphabet, read and write some words, also learn to sing days of the week. Farsi book level 1 and book level 2, based on progression of the semesters, will be used.

9-12 yrs
Students will be able to read Farsi book levels 2 and 3 (based on number of semesters they attend the school), write, and speak Farsi.

12 yrs-adults
Students will read Persian story books, speak in Farsi with peers, and write in Farsi. Based on number of the semesters passed, students participate in discussions about Persian culture as well as other subjects offered by the teacher. Farsi book numbers 4 and 5 will be covered as semesters progress.


2024-2025 Scholl Year Calendar

Term 1August 18 – October 27
Term 2November 3 – January 26
Term 3February 2 – May 11



Number of Student(s)

1, 2, 3

Age of Student(s)

3-5 yrs, 6-8 yrs, 9-12 yrs, 12 yrs-adults

How to Attend

In-person, Online

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