Enrollment Guidelines

  • While you may register for each semester separately, we encourage you to remain committed for the entire academic year and with the intention to remain for both semester
  • Registration Deadline for the academic year 2019-2020 is August 25, 2019
  • A minimum of five enrollments is required for any class to start. In the event that fewer registrants are enrolled, parents may choose a semi-private option, which will be at a higher tuition.

Payment Methods

1. Choose the classes to register for from the menu of options
2. Make your payement in full for one semester for all learners
3. Complete the PCC Registration and Enrollment Form for each student registering for Language and/or Enrichment Classes
4. Read the Parent and Student Handbook to better familiarize yourself and your child with the Persian School.

Placement For New Students

A placement assessment is required for every student, age 7 and older. The decision for the placement is based upon the student’s past Persian language education and results of the assessment. Questions about enrollment, placement, and payments should be communicated with the school administration by emailing: dorna@kanoon.info

Kanoon Memberships

English Classes

American Literature. … British/World Literature. … Honors and AP Classes. … Electives.

School Policy

A smooth and efficient running of the school requires the constructive cooperation of every person involved. It is assumed that each student and his/her parents will become familiar with, and will adhere to these regulations for the benefit of all. We believe that regular and continuous parent-teacher communication is the most effective means to improve the overall experience of the student in the school. It is also the best way to avoid behavioral or academic difficulties.

Textbook and Materials

The school may provide textbooks and handouts for children’s classes. Certain textbooks for children and adult classes may to be purchased by the students. Notebooks, pencils, markers, and other related stationary are the student’s responsibility and should be brought to class every Sunday. We encourage parents to designate a separate bag/backpack for Persian class.


Each teacher, according to the needs of individual students and the class, determines homework. Please take the homework assignments very seriously, as the weekly intervals of the school may easily lead to fading of the learned materials. Persian is a second language for most of our students and continued practice at home is the only route to ensure a lasting effect.

General Conduct and Discipline

Our goal is to create a positive and safe learning environment within the Atlanta Persian School and the Persian Cultural Center. To that end, students and teachers are required to respect the rights of one another. The Atlanta Persian School has a zero-tolerance policy toward verbal abuse or bullying by anyone. 

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