Shahryar Heydari

Shahryar Heydari

PCC President

Shahryar Heydari is a distinguished professor of Mathematics at Piedmont University, with extensive experience in both academia and leadership roles. He currently serves as the President of the Persian Cultural Center (PCC) in Atlanta, Georgia, where he has been instrumental in promoting and celebrating Persian culture in the community.

With his exceptional educational background and academic achievements, Heydari has made significant contributions to the field of mathematics. He has published numerous research articles in some of the most prestigious mathematical journals, and has presented his work at numerous international conferences. Heydari’s research interests include the study of operator theory, Banach algebras, and harmonic analysis.

In addition to his academic accomplishments, Heydari has also held several leadership positions throughout his career. He currently serves as a special assistant to the President and Board of Trustees at Piedmont University, where he works closely with the university administration to promote institutional excellence and academic success.

Heydari’s passion for promoting Persian culture is reflected in his role as President of the Persian Cultural Center of Atlanta. He has been instrumental in organizing cultural events, language classes, and community outreach programs that celebrate the rich and diverse heritage of the Persian community. Heydari has also collaborated with other community organizations to promote intercultural understanding and dialogue.

Overall, Shahryar Heydari is an accomplished mathematician, respected academic, and dedicated community leader. His expertise and leadership in mathematics and education, combined with his commitment to promoting Persian culture, make him an invaluable asset to the Persian Cultural Center of Atlanta and the wider community.

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